London to Brighton 2023

For those of you who know me, I have always considered myself fairly fit, well at least not unfit.

6th August 2022….I discovered that was so not the case, and boom had a heart attack, followed by stents and a sudden overnight change of life.

This was the scariest time for me, my family and those people close to me.
Other than the obvious pain, and the concern, you face a battle of emotions, wondering – if moving forward you are doing the right things, eating the right stuff and how you can ensure that this doesn’t happen again – knowing that 20% of people, who had a heart attack – will have a second within 5 years.  
The British Heart Foundation not only fund research, they offer extensive support for people who have undergone a heart attack – dieting, help with cardio rehabilitation, tailored meal plans – all free – relying on charitable donations. The support they  offer has been invaluable to someone like myself, who doesn’t really know where to start, to ensure prevention moving forward.
Part of the rehabilitation – is exercise – and a fair amount of it as well. With this in mind, and me wanting to repay them for the help and support they have provided, I have, after a ballot process, been picked, with my 3 supportive friends, Simon Parris, Daniel Seymour and Simon Gillion to complete the ICONIC , LONDON to BRIGHTON bike ride – hopefully it wont bring on any form of Heart Attack – however the thought of actually riding it might.

More iconic for me as it is the day of my 50th Birthday and for us all, the first time we have done something like this….I mean, me, them in lycra???. I don’t like to ask, but please help me support this charity and enable me to thank them for the support they have given me and so many other people.